Rose House Charities

Rose House Charities

Community means Caring.

As an integral part of the Phoenix & Valley of the Sun recovery community, we launched The Rose House, not just to offer a safe and supportive sober living environment, but to truly empower women in our community. That’s why we were thrilled when we received a fiscal sponsorship from the Global Women Empowerment Network (GWEN). Through our association with GWEN, we’re able to live out our mission more fully by joining forces to bring caring and healing to individuals and communities. As we grow our partnerships, and together with GWEN, The Rose House will offer even more resources and tools to help women holistically heal to help those most in need.

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Please help us help women choosing a sober life. After clicking Donate below simply select Rose House Charities. Your donations will enable women to transition to living lives surrounded by the care and healing needed to support their journeys that strengthen themselves and their communities.

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The Rose House Charities Mission

The Rose House believes that by building recovery on a foundation of love, the universe will be generous with the resources that enable even more women to seek the sober life. We value the development of strong bonds with individuals and organizations that share our passion for fuller living through sobriety. The Rose House will seek partnerships and affiliations only with those that match our mission to elevate the women we encounter to become women who enrich their lives through the enrichment of others and their community.