Comfort and Healing of Rose Quartz

Inspired by the home’s stunning floor-to-ceiling rose quartz fireplace, an original feature of the home, The Rose House features gemstones of all types on display throughout the house. But it is Rose Quartz and what it stands for — love — that is the hallmark of the home.
Rose Quartz attracts and supports unconditional love by enhancing love of all kinds, including self-kindness and self-love — crucial components in achieving a successful recovery. Maintaining unique healing properties, Rose Quartz promotes emotional healing through the release of toxic energy and emotions. These healing properties can aid in accepting the past and allowing the heart to heal its emotional wounds.

True to its namesake, The Rose House is infused with Rose Quartz in all aspects of the home, channeling its distinctive healing properties and stimulating compassion in the hearts of the residents as they practice self-kindness by committing themselves to a healthy and sober life.